Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not Moving--Yet

Found a house I loved and got turned down for the mortgage.

But that's okay for now. In fact, having figured out WHY we got rejected I think we'll be able to try again and get a mortgage. I do want to get pre-approved for one. But right now the housing inventory in our area is small, and most of the houses are either too expensive or wrong for us for one reason or another.

Looking at houses, mainly just on the web, has shown me that a lot of people have plenty of money, but awful taste. And it's give me a list of what I do and don't want:

Meanwhile,we are dealing with our current home.
Or rather, I am and the Man is being a right bastard about what I am asking him to do. But one of two bookcases I really want out of the living room is GONE and I know he's working towards the second one. But he goes through his stuff book by book, so it's agonizingly slow....

We have mold problems. Mold on the wall in our living, dining room under the window and on the sill to the point where the sill is rusting away. The same in our bedroom. A little of the same in JR's room.

Our contractor could have just come in, surveyed things, and come up with a big, expensive construction project. Instead, he proved what a fine man he is (thank you, "Angie's List") by suggesting that we get a home energy auditor to figure out what was going on before we made any plans.

I found an auditor (also via "Angie's List),and she came last week. Wonderful lady. South African I think, judging by her accent. Really knew her stuff.

What she discovered is that down in the 3 foot high crawlspace beneath our building the rain floods in and just stays there. There is no moisture barrier. There is no ventilation. The water just builds up, then wicks up the walls and into our living room, and when it hits cold wall space it starts making mold. The same thing upstairs in our bedrooms.

The good news is that this means that this is the condo's responsibility. The bad news is that this is the condo's responsibility. 

I  have sent them the report. They are sending staff out to see what is going on. Now I hope that they have the sense to take care of this quickly and quietly.  We are willing to foot the bill for cleaning the mold and repainting and won't take them to court. Not if we don't have to.

I also sent both the landscaping director AND the general manager, a report on the silver maple tree in our back yard. The tree is dying--has been for years-- leans over the house and did major damage during a storm last summer. And it has made our brick patio humpy and bumpy and unusable.

They should take the tree down just because it is dying and dangerous. Now we've added on a comment in the report that says backyard drainage is part of the moisture issue.

All I can do now is wait. And hope.

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Interesting. Good luck!