Monday, April 15, 2013

Going In Circles, Looking For A Path Out

I thought we would have no problem with our home equity re-fi, until I told the loan officer about the mold/mildew thing. The reason that we need to get a loan, so we can have the money to deal with it.

Thing is, it won't pass appraisal with the mold/mildew/ We can't fix things without the money via the loan, via the appraisal.

So I said thanks, I guess this won't work, hung up, called the Man and cried.

And then I plucked up my courage and went to the huge commercial bank that ate our smaller commercial bank, talked to a loan officer and talked to a mortgage officer.

He thinks we may be able to get an external appraisal only if we just re-finance and pay off our credit card debt w/o cash out. No guarantee, but he's trying for it.

And ironically, my FICO score has gone up since all of this started. No idea why, but it's one small ray of light.

I do have one last resort. The Man has money in the bank, money left from Nanay. Plenty to take care of the mold and mildew situation.

We'd pass the appraisal then and be able to get the loan. But it's his money and I don't want to touch it. Don't want to ask him to do so.

But if this doesn't work out, that's what I'm going to do.
Because it's either than or call my brother.
And I will not, will NOT do that!

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Anonymous said...

Stay strong. It will be OK and it will work out for you. I spent 15 years in banking, so I know they're not all minions of hell and eventually you'll get what you need.

Of course your score has gone up - that's how it works: the more debt you roll around, the better it is.

Good Luck!!

(How's the weather? Still freezing and gray here.)