Monday, April 15, 2013

Score: 1 Victory, 1 No Decision

Shortly after I emailed the condo association president about where to send the mold report, she forwarded my name to the general manager. I sent him the mold report AND the tree report.

Three days later, we got the word that the tree will come down.

Of course, the Man has to go to an association meeting this week so they can discuss it--and hopefully the roots under our patio will be included. As I said to the Man, the roots belong to the tree, the tree is common element therefore THEY are responsible. If it had been up to us, the roots would've been gone long ago, but that really would have effected the tree.....

Then they sent one of the maintenance flunkies AND the maintenance manager to look at the walls, and they talked a lot about furniture, condensation on windows (windows are fine) and other such. Still haven't heard back from them.

No matter. We are about to have the mold in JR's room treated, the windowsill fixed and the whole room repainted with a very moisture/mold resistant paint. And we will do the same for our bedroom and downstairs.
We are going to redo our home equity loan. Much lower rate, include our credit card debt and my car loan and end up with a payment smaller than the current loan, PLUS some cash to pay for all the home work. The Man is dark about this, as always. I am happy and it is going to be a big stress reliever!

But if they don't do anything about the crawlspace, if they try to foist it off on us, I am going to stir up some trouble for them by letting others in our neighborhood know about this.

And then we will see what we will see.................

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