Monday, June 03, 2013

Dear Spouse: It's MY Car!

Dearest Man of the House,

I KNOW that the empty (or half empty) soda bottles need to get recycled. I know that the various flotsam and jetsam you remove from my car when you drive it to the dump on weekends needs to come upstairs.

But did I ask you to remove it?

Look, I know you don't seem to get that I feel about my things the way you do about yours, but it's MY car and I don't need you to clean things out for me.

When I am in your car, I wouldn't dream of clearing it out. Lord knows it needs it. By now, you should have figured out what to do with the dead rose from Nay's funeral that's been on your windshield the last five years. Or that golf ball in your front tray--you don't even play golf.
Or any of the stuff in the back seat. All that stuff.

But it's YOUR car and it's YOUR mess and you'd be in a fury if I tampered with any of it, so why can't you see I feel the same way about mine?

Your Long Suffering Wife

P.S. Leave the environmental controls be too. It's FINE to leave them on. After all, unlike you, I use the air conditioning!

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