Thursday, June 06, 2013

Home News Round Up

We spent a fortune on mold abatement in our bedroom, JR's bedroom and downstairs on the long wall along our living room. Everything but JR's room was repainted a nice simple white--though when you try to buy white paint there are HUNDREDS of shades. Really.

 JR's walls were painted "House of Blues", which is pretty appropriate for her these days as she goes into teen funks. The only reason she will survive these teen years is that I know she will get civilized soon, just as SC did. Only I am very tired of being her emotional punching bag.

 SC passed the dreaded Algebra II SOL AND the Chemistry, so she is graduating from HS next week. She went to the prom with her boyfriend--her current one that is. I have probably not mentioned that after being dumped by her first boyfriend last spring, she began date his now-ex best friend this fall!  Truthfully, I like him a lot better.

 In the fall they will both be going to community college on a program that will allow her to transfer to any college of her choice in VA in 2 years without the admissions process. Probably she'll do William and Mary or George Mason. We will see, and I'm glad she is staying home a while longer.

We have the tenants-from-hell next door, and twit of a woman who doesn't seem to get why the huge silver maple tree that leans over our houses had to be removed. Considering THEIR unit was in far more danger than ours, you'd think she could get it, but all she could do was moan about losing the shade. Asshole bitch.

Because the tree is gone, we were able to have the roots removed from our patio and the patio restored. This included a weekend during which the Man and I removed 1200 bricks from the ground and stacked them. Considering that they weighed a total of 3 tons, this was no joke. This also involved a $5000 job to restore the patio, but we now have a gorgeous, nearly 400 square feet of patio.

I am waiting on the Man to finish a small tile job in our bathroom that is incredibly complicated so that I can get our house assessed and get a bill consolidation loan that will make our finances much, much better. I have been struggling meanwhile to keep us on a cash only budget, but that was thrown into a mess by a $1000 bill for work on his car, plus needed dental work for us both. Sigh....

We are likely to stay where we are a while longer, because despite the hellish neighbors and the waste of money on condo fees and storage for the Man's stuff, the housing market in our area is insane. Very, very few houses--there are TWELVE in our possible price range in a 3 zip code area, and I am not willing to move further out into the burbs for a cheaper house. Plus I have realized that I am very, VERY picky about where I want to live. Our house has its problems, but many of the expensive ones have tiny bedrooms, I've seen few kitchens to compare with mine, and few have a view to compare to mine, with the woods behind our house!

The two "widows" in my life are struggling with health issues. Bella the cat(I consider her a widow because Bart was essentially her spouse) has had a lot of trouble with what we think is Irritable Bowel Syndrome and there are signs that she may be going into Chronic Renal Failure. But she's mostly eating well and loving and purry, despite her disdain for Molly, our lovely, crazy kitten cat, whom the rest of us adore, though we still keenly miss our sweet fat boy Bart.

My brother told me he'd had an email from our mom's doctor saying that her MDS (pre-leukemia) is the full blown thing. My mom hasn't said anything to me about it. Still, she had her 81st birthday last month, her leg has finally healed and she is doing well on chemo and her medications. She is coming down on the train next Friday to help celebrate SC's graduation.

And next Tuesday night I will light a Yahrzeit candle, because it will be the one year anniversary of when we lost Daddy............................

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