Monday, June 10, 2013

Thankful For What I Have

I spent two hours this morning fearing something might happen to the Man.

He was diagnosed with high blood pressure during a dental appointment last month which finally sent him to see the doctor. And she had him do a variety of tests.

They were all fine, but he still had to do a colon-rectal screening. Not the nasty colonoscopy, just the mail in the kit thing.

And this AM he got a call from the doctor. Only I didn't realize until after I'd erased the call that it must have been the doctor.

I called him and waited. And thought about all the awful things that had happened in the past year. And feared something awful was happening again.

But he's fine. He joked that he feared they were calling to complain about the amount of garlic in his sample!

I have spent this winter and spring grousing about our house. Despite the work we've had done (more on that later), it's still a mess of his things. It's still too small, it's not going to be practical forever, and we have the condo fees and the Tenants From Hell next door.

But the Man is fine. The Man is okay.

I am so, so lucky to have him, and my girls and our cats. To be in our home together.
And so today I will be thankful for what I have, and I will try to make that more of an everyday thing.

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