Monday, July 29, 2013

Dear Debbie Maccomber: I Want My Brain Cells Back

I have done nothing but gloom and doom in recent times, so to celebrate the fact that my mom is much better and home from the hospital, here's a review of the books I used to distract myself from stress in recent times.

Next time I go straight to my Jenny Cruisie stash.....

16 Lighthouse Road (Cedar Cove, #1)16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was talking to the librarian who is in charge of ordering e-books, commenting on how much crap is in our library's selection, and her comment was that people love to fill up their Kindle/Ipad/E=reader with lots of simple fluff they wouldn't want to waste money on.

I spent a stressed out weekend reading the entire Cedar Cove series on my e-reader, and I can sum this series up in that expression: simple fluff.

Before you waste any brain cells on this series, here goes a basic summary of these books.

1)This is a squeaky clean WASP world (there is one Latina daughter-in-law who appears once or twice for 2 seconds). No Catholics, Jews,Muslims. No African Americans, Latinos (except as mentioned), Asians (except for an INCREDIBLY insulting Korean couple who own a dry cleaners and again, only appear about twice) or even anyone who is vaguely ethnic.

2)No one who enters the court for a divorce gets one for real. Either the judge manipulates them into realizing they really love each other, or they rediscover it and get remarried.

3)Everyone knows about birth control, but there are constant unintended pregnancies. Generally when out of wedlock, the mothers to be break up with the father, are determined not to tell him, end up having to tell him, and in the end marry and live happily ever after.

4)The good always triumph and the bad eventually get their just desserts. True love always wins.

5)Pedestrian writing for the most part, with endless rehashing of the plots of past books.

This is better than Danielle Steele or Stephenie Meyer. But not by much,,,,,,,

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