Thursday, September 05, 2013

Miss Me?

Summer news round up:

I still keep expecting Mama Bella to be on my pillow and still miss my girl, though I know we did the right thing. Happily, I am usually woken up by another furry stripey bundle of love. His name is Bruce--and we keep trying to find him another name. More about him later...

JR passed her Algebra SOL and actually enjoyed the social aspect of the class. She spent the rest of her off time watching "Dr Who", and I far prefer her in love with David Tennant than with a local boy--much less complicated!

SC's boyfriend developed a frightening form of pneumonia in early July. Happily he recovered completely, but he was on a respirator for a week and was in the hospital a week further. SC went back and forth in the heat on the bus (I drove her when I could) to be with him and was wonderful throughout. I am very proud of her. She still hasn't gotten her driver's license, so we've figured out how she can get to college by bus.

The Man and I spent time dealing with another leak in our kitchen ceiling. Turned out that this one was caused because of the bathtub, which led to another major job for our contractor. Need to write about that too, later.

My mom is hanging in there.We had a bad scare in late July and she was hospitalized for several days. I was expecting to have to drop everything and go--maybe even not go on vacation. But she rallied and she says the doctor says her numbers are good. But he also told my brother that she has full blown leukemia and probably won't make it through the fall. I think she may fool him on that.

One of the reasons she was in the hospital was because of her kidney functions looking bad. They were and probably are suffering because she's not drinking enough. Fluids in the hospital helped with that but I need to call her more and nag her to do so and to EAT more. Foods don't always taste good to her and she has decades of healthy eating habits that ironically are bad for her now!

The one good that was that her wonderful caregiver now has extra hours with her because of the hospitalization. Nuria has become her second daughter--she came to the hospital and stayed with her in the evenings, brought her food--and none of it was on paid time! It's the caring in the REAL sense of caring that matters. Wish she was here--but she's not.

On the other hand, when my brother suggested I might want to go up and spend time with her while I could, I pointed out to him that she'd been here in June for SC's graduation--stayed with us for 3 days.
And while HE may need absolution (weird in a non-practicing Jew) from my mother, I don't. There is lots of love between us, but no unfinished business.

But we did get to go on vacation and we have finally found a cottage that we all like on Chincoteague,  and spent a week there in August. It was  marred only by the facts that the beach weather was less than stellar, and that we can no longer go the week before Labor Day. We are not used to crowds on beaches or having to get a reservation at a restaurant!

But we did get to eat lots of seafood (except for JR) at our favorite restaurants and despite the lines had lots of ice cream at the Creamery. They had a Coconut Almond Fudge flavor that I adored--it's not my old favorite Oreo Mint (which was the best), but pretty good.

I went crabbing for the first time and caught 6 crabs which I cooked, brought home, and ate with gusto. SC practiced driving on the Wildlife Loop and I managed to stay calm, she and the Man went on a long beach walk together and JR and I did a short bike ride together. And the weather was excellent for a beach BBQ, one of our recent favorite traditions.

We had a horrible time getting our home equity loan through, largely because of a stupid documents "specialist", who kept asking for the same stuff we'd already submitted, or wanting documents we didn't have. But our loan officer was great. All the trouble and expense of the mold abatement/painting was worth it--our appraisal came in for more than we'd expected AND our appraiser admired my kitchen so much he took an extra picture!
He also turned out to be Filipino. I thought so when he was there, but didn't think I should ask, and I only was sure after seeing his name on the appraisal. I'm sure he didn't know the connection since the Man wasn't there, so the appraisal WAS based on the house.

We did the closing on the loan the day before we went to the beach and the money went into our account mid-week while we were there. It was strange indeed to (briefly) have so much money. All our bills are now paid (except the new loan and a small amount on my car loan), and I was able to restore some of the money I'd taken from the Man's inheritance from Nanay back to his bank account.

My ballet class moved to another location this spring and it's pretty nice. We broke up for most of the summer but started again in August and I am happy to be dancing once more--I really miss it when I'm not doing it.

At work my current boss announced she's leaving and I am not heartbroken. She's nice, but at times I've found her a bit patronizing and there's a morale problem here she didn't see. Am worried about a new boss, but trying to be optimistic. And I've been tempted to laugh uncontrollably when  patrons wander in and assume that since there's no programs I'm on vacation. I have been hard at work doing a massive weeding, and then shifting my non-fiction to the fiction shelves and vice-versa. Programs will be relaxing after this.

My gardens are all a mess. We've had thieves at the community garden and I don't know if they were stealing my tomatoes and such or if it's just the crazy summer with alternating heat and bouts of heavy rain. Things do seem to be improving though.  The gardens outside my house are suffering too, but I KNOW that's because I've neglected them. Too dang tired to do everything I should.

And now September.

 HIGH SCHOOL for my baby. COLLEGE for my big girl--so glad she's not leaving home yet.

Apple picking, pumpkin picking, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Lots of programs, lots to do.

Here comes fall!

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