Saturday, September 07, 2013

Why I Don't Really Care That My Boss Left

My boss just left and frankly I didn't shed any tears.

She was supportive of me personally given that in her 18 month tenure I had three stretches of intense family crisis and a lot of other minor ones in between. It wasn't something she got, being young and childless, but she was supportive of that. She gets credit for that.

She gets credit for keeping her hands off my work. She never kvetched about the chaos in my office because she saw all that I do and how well received my work is.

But she never GOT what I do. She never watched any of my programs as far as I know. She didn't get that my budget is a joke, that children's circulation is crucial to our numbers, and move some money into my budget, as my old boss did when the lean years began again.

That's all about me. But what really makes me glad she's gone, and hope and pray we get someone better is that she didn't get what this place was about. That the people who work here have given fine service regardless of staffing woes or limited budgets because we've worked as a group and taken pride in our work.

When our circulation manager told her we might need a morale booster, she acted as if she hadn't heard her say that.
And as for the circulation manager herself, after being the best I have ever seen. she has gone into a bit of a torpor and is allowing her staff to do things that she wouldn't have tolerated in past times. Hell, she's doing them herself.

She treated our parties, events, the sort of thing that make people happy to work here, with a kind of amused superiority and spent her off time either closeted in her office or out at lunch with the reference manager.

Our staff is tired and demoralized.

So goodbye to her and I hope she does well elsewhere. And we wait for a new manager.

I hope for someone who isn't a micro-manager. Someone who will watch what we do, help as needed and support us. Someone who won't step on my toes. Someone who is more of a people person.

Someone like the boss I had--and liked--for years before this happened. God, I miss him.

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