Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dear Circulation Staff

When you were busy complaining that I have stepped on your toes at the desk by interfering in your patron transactions did any of you bother to comment that you appreciate my presence there?

No, I didn't think so.

I work a MINIMUM of an hour a week at the circ desk because I know we are short staffed. I'd do more, but considering I spend a large number of hours a week doing/planning children's programs, covering gaps on the adult reference desk and trying to do everything else in my department, it's not always possible.

But whenever we are short, I offer hours. I covered the other Saturday when we were short and someone needed to leave early. If I am passing by the circulation desk and see a line, I go over and help until things are under control.

None of the other librarians does that.


Sorry if I am overeager to help the public. But none of you does Ebooks and there are a lot of other questions you get asked that you don't have the training to answer--or the inclination to learn enough about so you can answer the questions.

Sorry if I've hurt your feeling. I really am.

But  right now I am feeling bitter enough about the crap I've already endured this month with the crazy patron, the written reprimand and the public shame of all that.

This only adds insult to injury.

I don't expect to get thanked. But a little appreciation would have tempered this. And I see no sign of it.

The Library Lady

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