Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Future Neighbors:

Dear Whomever Has Apparently Just Bought The Unit Next To Ours:

We have just endured two years with neighbors I have come to refer to as the Tenants From Hell. We were THRILLED to see the last of their caggy tushes, especially the wife, and are hoping that you are people of a different kind.

Here's what to know about us:

We have lived here 18 years and with houses in the neighborhood going for what they are, odds are we will be here a lot longer. Whereas unless you are very different from the 8-9 other sets of neighbors we have had, odds are you will be moving out in a few years. So yes, we do feel that this is OUR place and we fully intend to continue to live in it exactly as we always have.

I decorate (tastefully) for Halloween and Christmas. That means the breezeway entrance and our side of the walkway. I won't put stuff on your side--though if you like doing such, fine by us.  And the solar lights and the garden flag stay up year round--though I change them with the seasons.

I love my plants and have a sprinkler system set up. If you ask, I will gladly water your side too.

Our girls are now 14 and 18 and don't play loud music--they have headphones--though there may be the occasional shrieking fight. But on the whole they are quiet and won't annoy you.  Our cats stay indoors and if you have a dog, we expect you to follow leash laws and keep it from jumping at us or heading for our backyard.

Speaking of the backyard, it is sunny because the silver maple that used to lean towards the house (and in the process made our patio unusable) was removed last spring. While it means you might need an umbrella at times for shade, who sits on the patio when it's 90 degrees in the middle of the day anyway?   We hope you will prefer this to the former situation, in which that tree often shed major limbs, most of which endangered YOUR side of the roof, not ours. Plus it made us possible to redo out patio, so that it is no longer a neighborhood eyesore, but my pride and joy.

Except, that is,s for those horrible arborvitae that divide our patios. Our last neighbor wished on us and we hate them. They are stiff, ugly and don't provide any privacy. We are hoping you will let us remove them and replace them with bushes that match the ones the neighbors moved--again without of permission/ That's one of the reasons we have the patio swing where it is--though it stays, no matter what, as we love it.

We do a lot of our own home renovations and as a result at time there may be stuff in the breezeway. If you were one of the people who came for open house yesterday, you saw the package with the pantry cabinet and the Man setting up his workbench.  We try to clear things out quickly and  never leave trash out at times when it's not supposed to be there. And by the way, the Man would be happy to assist you in any home projects you need help with--he's got the tools and the know how. And after all the work we've done, we know how to deal with the quirks of a 1941 vintage townhouse!

And that's my bottom line--new neighbors--we are GOOD NEIGHBORS. We aren't overly loud, we take care of our property and we are happy to help you however you might need it.

Odds are we won't be best friends, or more than nodding acquaintances. But as such, we'd like to get along. Having the Tenants From Hell made us all miserable--and it didn't have to be that way.

If there are any problems, please come knock on our door instead of calling the Covenants Director and complaining. And we will work things out.

The Library Lady  a.k.a. the Mom Next Door.

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