Thursday, November 07, 2013

"Flora and Ulysses", or "Constant Weader Thwoed Up" Lives

Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated AdventuresFlora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo
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Dear Ms DiCamillo,

I loved Because of Winn Dixie. I adored it.
But I've hated everything you've written since.

And it's not because I don't love fantasy and whimsy, because I do.

But your whimsical prose inevitably makes me want to throw your book out the window. And this one is no exception.

However, I will not throw it out the window. Instead, because it is a best seller I will carefully put it on my new book shelf and leave it for someone who takes the best seller lists seriously to read, or give to their child.

Better them than me.

Sincerely yours,
The Library Lady

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