Saturday, November 02, 2013

November Hibernation

Had Friday off and was set to do all my usual Friday errands when I had back spasms in the same spot I've had them occasionally for years.  And though my peak flow meter said my lungs were functioning I felt short of breath and panicky.

Dropped JR at school, came home and took a hot shower and a full single Xanax. Usually I never take more than half a pill--and there's good reason for that as I knew.

But I crawled back in bed, thinking I'd nap a few hours, feel better, and catch up on things in the afternoon.

Woke up with the cats snuggled with me--Brucie at my feet, Molly on the window nearby and looked at the clock.

It was 2:46 PM.  I had slept about 5 hours.

SC didn't wake me up when she went out (no college classes on Friday). The cats, bless them, didn't try to wake me to feed them.

That's how deeply I slept. I guess I needed it.

My back pain had just about subsided, aside from a cough or two my chest was fine, and I got up and ate something, did some odds and ends and made dinner.

Not how I expected to begin November. But I hope it was the start of recovery from some of the stresses of October. And that November proves to be an easier month!

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