Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dear Nanay

How can you be gone for 6 years now?

Tatay gone too--it was two years this January. Dad--it will be two years this June.

Mom gone now. Three months and counting, and I'm still closing up the apartment, and still not believing that I'm doing so.

But then, I still can't believe any of you are gone. That Mom and Dad aren't there in the Bronx, eternally bickering about small things and eternally in love.

That Tay is not there at the kitchen table on Riverside Drive, reading the newspapers and making pronouncements on politics.

And that you're not there, getting up pre-dawn to bake bread, and always so happy to have your family home with you.

How can any of you be gone?

I miss you, Nay. I miss all of you.

I want all of you back. 


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