Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Help NOT Wanted

I have spent the last 5 years (almost 6)  working without an assistant, and for the most part it's been fine.  I don't think last year's nasty encounter with a patron and the subsequent broo-ha-ha had anything to do with this.

I've learned to do my own art work. I do the bulletin boards, the displays. I've always done all the programs.

I have relished being able to do what I want as I want. I have had the sheer bliss of an office to myself.

So getting an assistant doesn't excite me. Particularly when I have to have the new "Youth Services Manager" from our Central Library (whom I'm hoping is better than the last twit, who I found patronizing and sanctimonious) AND the b*tch who is our "Human Resource" officer AND my new boss on a "hiring panel" with me.

I have a former assistant who is about to come back as a volunteer. I don't know if she wants the job, but I'm hoping she'll apply. I love yer--she's my favorite assistant ever. I could stand sharing an office with her.

But I fear that she won't, or that the "committee" will hook onto some nice-nice anal retentive type who will fuss about the office mess and try to do things the way they did them elsewhere. I've had that.

I will hope for the best. But I really didn't need this stress. Not right now. Maybe not ever.

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