Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dear New Boss

It's fine that you want to raise circulation. Hell, so do I, as I have for the last decade as I have begged, grovelled, screamed and pleased with the patrons who love my programs to borrow some books. Or some DVDs. Or something!

Fine if , as you say. you are going to  use your money to buy popular DVD crap to add to my shelves. And if you want to give me money to buy mass media crap for my book collections, I will hold my nose and do so as well.

But I've been in this business 30 years. Been in this system 25. And none of my bosses has ever tried to supervise my book purchases. It's micromanagement and it's damn insulting.

You have, as far as I know, no children's book training. You come from a system where they buy stuff CENTRALLY, for chrissake.

So you can put the mass media crap on my shelves and perhaps people will borrow it.  But I don't think that is the problem. Or the solution.

It's times like these when I wonder if my job, the job I love, isn't getting a lot less fun.


The Library Lady  a.k.a. "The Youth Services Manager"

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