Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dear Mommy

You've been gone six months today. How did that happen?

We scattered most of your ashes and Daddy's on Cape Cod on your anniversary. I didn't write about it here--about how good it turned out to be to be with my brother's family. How I got seasick on the boat, but not till the end. How We took 2 more boats on the way home and saw dolphins near Cape May.

The Man and I took a tiny amount of your ashes and Daddy's and put them in small containers before the funeral. I didn't tell Andy--they were just so the Man and the girls and I could scatter them on Assateague, as we did Nay's 6 years ago.  But SC got sick, and things went wrong and they're still with us.

We'll go in October and scatter them then. They're not really you--just what was left of your poor tired bodies. But we need to do this.

And keep wanting to call you. Tell you about how JR passed the dratted geometry SOL and how well SC is doing in college. About my poor sad community garden and about the 8 foot high sunflower growing on my library lawn.  About the bitch next door and her loud get togethers that have spoiled my patio time, and about hiring my new assistant who I hope will be okay since she's not the one I wanted.

Above all, I want to tell you that I love you and always will. But you know that, you and Daddy.
I know that you do.

All my love, always,

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