Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11, 2014

Thirteen years and the memories burn bright.

On Facebook people who live thousands of miles from NYC, who had no one there, or in DC, or in PA post flags and pictures of the WTC towers and trite sentiments.  Eventually, I think it will be as pat as posting stuff in remembrance of Veteran's Day or Memorial Day.

No "patriotic" pictures today, or meaningful sayings.

September 11,2001 is burned into my brain as the day I sat hearing the fire engines rushing towards the Pentagon and you could see the smoke from my neighborhood when I went home that night.As the day I waited to hear that my parents, brother and all my in-laws were okay. The day when my two home cities suffered horrifying disasters and I feared for the safety of nearly everyone I loved.

This September 11 the memories are especially poignant. Next week I'll drive to NYC probably for the last time to visit the place that was home because my parents were there. But even without themit, the city will still be home and I'll still be looking for those twin towers each time I near the city. I didn't love them the way I did--and do--love the Empire State Building. But they meant HOME.

No need to memorialize it and no wish to give in to the jingoism that patriotism became after that day. It just is.

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