Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dear Gods and Goddesses

In the last two and a half years you have taken my father-in-law, my father and both my cats. You took my mother, after letting her go through two harrowing years of illness.

I spent the entire winter and spring going back and forth to NY, dealing with my parents' things.

We just said goodbye to the apartment a month ago. We just took the last tiny bit of my parents' ashes to Chincoteague.

I was supposed to have closure. I was supposed to be able to move on and have good times with my family.

Instead, you have opened up our personal Pandora's Box and sent gallstones to my dear, sweet 19 year old daughter, who has been doing so well in school, who has been my Rock of Gibraltar through so much of the past few years.  The one who bought me flowers when I came back from NYC for the last time, "Because I knew you might be sad now."

She didn't deserve this. She didn't deserve a 2AM visit to an ER because she couldn't breathe, and the fear she now has, no matter how many people tell her that this will be minor surgery.

Please tell me whatever I've done to offend you, and what I have to do to get this to stop.
I'm so, so tired.

The Library Lady

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