Friday, January 09, 2015

I TOLD You That You Couldn't Do My Job

The Facebook acquaintance who thought she could out librarian the librarians (and the rest of the staff too, I'd guess) while being paid to be a page, shelving books, has lost that job. I think she was asked to resign rather than being outright fired, but apparently it was her poor attitude towards the staff that triggered this. Surprise, surprise.

I'm on their side. I like this person, but she's got an arrogant streak a mile wide, and I am sure that she was creating a toxic situation. Seen it many times before.

They saw her off kindly today. But I am sure that they are all breathing sighs of relief.
I know that I certainly would feel that way.

And I am thankful beyond measure that MY assistant is about 180 degrees different. I'm working on making her LESS self effacing if anything!

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