Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fear of Flying

Not the novel. The real thing.

I used to fly back in the late 80s/early 90s.  I flew to England and home from France. I used to fly regularly between NYC and DC back when People Express (may they rest in peace) had cheap flights and the Man was in DC and I was still in NYC.

The last time I flew was in 1990, from DC to Boston so I could spend a week on Cape Cod with my parents.  After that I had kids, and no money and no need to travel.

And then came September 2001.

I've written many times here about 9-11, about how we live just a mile or two from the Pentagon. About how I used to cringe for months afterwards at the sound of a plane overhead, at the sight of a plane flying above me in a clear blue sky.

Now, in college, SC has been involved in forensics--the debating kind, not the crime kind. Her team went to Chicago a few weeks ago. And they flew. Her first time in an airplane. She was thrilled.

I was terrified. And next week she's flying to Cleveland and I'm scared again. And that was before the German airline crashed in the Alps.

It was full of students. I think of those terrified people on that plane. I think of SC, and I want to scream and beg her not to go, because I won't feel safe until her plane touches down at Dulles the following week.
It's nutty of course. But I've spent the last few years going from family disaster to family disaster and it haunts me.

JR is scared of flying too. I am not sure why--she says it's NOT because of crashes, but because of airsickness. I wonder though.

It is ironically far cheaper to fly between DC and Toronto, or Buffalo, than it is to take Amtrak to NYC.
I want to go to Buffalo and see the Man's oldest brother, and our cousin. I want to go to upstate New York and see my unrelated sister, and her husband and her girls.  It's a long trip up there, and flying to Buffalo would save us two days to spend instead with our loved ones. We could just fly one way and rent a car and drive home.

It makes sense, but it scares me.

But we may very well do it. And I will hold tightly on to JR's hand and together we will face our fears.....

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