Thursday, April 16, 2015


1)JR needs a tutor for chemistry so she at least passes the damned SOL, and I have paid for one, but the tutor didn't get in touch with me, and is now saying she can't start till the 23. Another tutor will be found by the agency, but we've lost time already!

2)Having ballet class at the recreation center means open enrollment and another blasted ringer has shown up. Clearly had professional training, perhaps experience, and belongs in our class like a fish does on a bike. Plus a second girl, who also seems to have had some training, and put on a flippy little ballet skirt for the floor section of the program. Gag!

3)The Man got pissed at me because I had the nerve to suggest we get rid of some Time Life cookbooks that we haven't used for years. Some were Nanay's, but I'm not sure SHE used them, and I could use the space for other books of hers. He sulked through Monday, stressed JR out  that night, and I got called in the middle of a program Tuesday because she was in the nurse's office with a panic attack. Had to go home, and ended up missing 1/2 day's work, which meant I am behind on even more things at work.  And the Man got off scot free, because she wouldn't tell him she was upset. I get dumped on by her. He gets her kissy-kissy Audrey Hepburn routine.

4)Shut off some of the notices from Redfin, and am telling myself NOT to look at houses. Because there's one I want, that has everything we want, is a reasonable distance from JR's school, has a kitchen I'd love to remodel, and doubtless it will sell within days. As I wait for my brother and his asshat lawyer to settle the estate.

5)I weeded some of my library garden, and whatever plant in there I'm allergic too is giving me hives again. The only good thing is that they seem mild, and Benadryl at night also seems to be helping me sleep well for a chance.

6) Last, but not least. I mustered my wits, plucked up my courage, and sent in a colon screening kit, and am waiting for results. I know they should be fine, but I haven't done it in 2 years and 2 of my great-aunts died of this, long ago. And there are still a mammogram and blood tests to be done if this is okay.......

In short, this has been a short work week, but an annoying one, and I would like to stay home tomorrow and do nothing.

But instead, I'll run errands all day.

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