Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Still Looking

Someone bought my house--though since the sales seem to keep falling through, we'll see if it takes this time.

I'm not as upset as I could be, because I drove to see it and discovered it was in a neighborhood inaccessible by bus.  JR has just started stepping out on her own by bus--and it was a good 1/2 mile to the nearest main street with a bus line. She'd have needed to take the school bus, and if she didn't make it, it would have taken her 2 buses and a walk to get home.  And that walk would have been along a large wooded park. Not where I want my very slight, pretty nearly 16 year old walking on her own.

It would have been too far from the stores we need.  Too far from the highways, which would have made it hard for the Man and SC to commute to work and school. A longer commute for me, for that matter. Far from the bike paths the Man likes to use on weekends.

The thing is, that we live in a popular area for home. Though there are THOUSANDS of houses in the nearby area for sale, in our small city, within school range, within our price budget, there never seem to be more than 10 to 20 for sale, and most of them are not what we need. Or want.

Either our house isn't really out there, someone has bought it already (and several I would have wanted have gone that way) or it still hasn't arrived. But then, neither have all of our needed funds.
Thanks to my brother's asshat lawyer, the process of getting my parents' estate settled has dragged.

It may not be meant to be. I may have to endure the Queen of Vulgaria and the Pug Lady and the clutter of the Man's things spread across this house for some time to come.

But I don't want to say goodbye to this house without the girls still here. After doing so for my parents, and the Man's, I want us to all move out together from this house with all its memories, and move into another home that will not seem totally foreign to the girls when they have gone from home.

And I can't help feeling that after all the sad times over the last few years, having a new home with the space we need, with the tranquility I crave, would really make a difference in my life. It wouldn't bring back what we've lost, but it would be something good coming from all that has been bad.

So I'm still looking. Still hoping.

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