Thursday, April 02, 2015

The House

I think I've found my house.
I've never been inside, but I've been looking at it on line for days.

It's got 4 bedrooms. The master bedroom is apparently an upstairs loft, and there are two decent sized rooms for the girls on the main floor, and another, smaller room that could be a den for the Man, for some of his books and things and perhaps a desk.

There's a full sized basement. Lots of room for everything the Man has in storage, and for the bookcases crowding our living/dining room.

There are 4 bathrooms. I'd settle for 2, one more than we have now, but the girls could each have one.

The kitchen looks a lot like ours. White cabinets. A blue counter that I'd love and nice tile backsplash. Not as well laid out, and no glass cabinets for my plates, but there's a gas cooktop. I don't mind a wall oven--we had that, long ago, and a stove can always be replaced.

There's a fireplace in the living room. And a large screen porch that opens to the kitchen. Room for our swing and for a table and chairs for eating on warm nights, Outside there is a small patio with room for more chairs and for my grill.

There's a garage for the Man's car and our bikes, and a drive with parking for my car and SC's. It's on a hill, which won't make it fun in winter, but we'd manage.

There are trees. A lovely wooded area, with privacy, and lots of places for bird feeders and for a shade garden. Privacy. No close by neighbors. No Vulgaria with her gas grill and her loud friends. No pug dogs yapping at us as we come home. The peace and quiet I used to feel where we are, and no longer do.

Its biggest disadvantage is that it would mean a bus ride for JR to school and less convenience for the rest of us. Right now we have easy access to the highways. I have a 10 minute local commute. It would be more driving for us all.

The price is okay. This area is pricey, but for what we'd get, it would be worth it.

But I am in limbo. There is money in my mother's estate account and more coming. But it's not all settled and I'd have to deal with that.

And then there is our current townhouse. We can't sell it with all our stuff in it. It needs to be emptied. The floors need redoing, the rest of the bathroom needs tiling and there's other stuff to be done.

Houses sell quickly, so quickly in this area. I want to call and see this one, but I am just not sure I can pull this off.

I am clinging to the fact that, good librarian that I am, I have looked at the records on this house, and the owner is apparently retired to Florida and may be reluctant to sell. The house has gone on and off the market several times over the last year or two.

Perhaps the house that is waiting for us.  Perhaps this is the one that will be the one that is so wonderful we can say goodbye to our dear home of 20 years and move.


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