Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The Beginning of a Good May (I Hope!)

1)The stool test took 2 flipping weeks, but came up negative. I then emailed my doctor and have had a back and forth explaining why I am so medical test averse. He backed down from making me do all the other tests at once--I can start with the routine thyroid--but he also suggested I go see the Behavioral Health folks.  And as I told them when they contacted me--I'm not into doing that right now. Grief is hard, but most days I can cope. It's those damned medical things that make me nuts.

2)I channeled my mom again, and told the agency to get me a tutor or give me a refund. They found one and JR is starting with her tonight. I think she can pass this dang test with some help.

3) I came out of the library at lunch time to move my car (we have no parking) and found a lady standing by my car. She had managed somehow to sideswipe me and dented my bumper. Luckily it was the rear back of my car which had damage already. Her insurance will pay for this and hopefully take care of the previous damage at the same time. So if it had to happen, it's not so awful.

4)Most of the houses I have yearned for have sold, but our credit is solid again, once I get a few papers in order I should get money from Mom's pension and from one last IRA of Dad's. I am hoping that next month we can settle all this and then I will know where we stand financially. Meanwhile I found a carpenter to do something about the closets in JR's room that have been a problem for a while, and am going to talk to our contractor about finishing the bathroom this summer so that the side we didn't tile looks as beautiful as the side we did!

5)I am going to a 2 day baby/toddler yoga training at the end of the month. I've been wanting to do this and they are actually having it on week days on a week that we weren't doing programs anyway!


6) We are going to Chincoteague for the weekend and the weather looks good and now that SC doesn't have a gall bladder I am hoping we can have a happy, healthy weekend.

Nice to talk about mostly good things for a change!

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