Sunday, August 23, 2015

Appreciating Our Parents

Note: There is a film short from the 50s shown on MST3K that we have often watched at our house that makes us all laugh. But this is the real thing...

There's a woman I know on a listserv and on Facebook who regularly visits her elderly parents, who live about 300-400 miles from her. Whenever she goes she whines about their fusspot, quirky behavior.

I like her. She's a nice person. So I won't post this there:

Dear Karen:

Stop whining about your parents, be it about the sign s on the stove reminding you (or them) to check that the burners are off, their fussy ways of using bread, or any of the other small, irritating ways they have.

Instead, get on your frickin' knees and thank whatever it is that you believe in that they are still there to irritate you.

I would give anything to watch my mom take 2 hours to make breakfast. To hear my father kvetching about some minor annoyance. To have them call me at the worst possible moment of the week.

To hear their voices, see their faces and to hug them both.

One day they won't be there, and you will be able to live your life without all this aggravation, and instead of enjoying it you will be missing them every single day. You will miss the phone calls, the visits and every quirky nuance that makes your parents who they are.

And one day you will be their age, and your sons will have to put up with whatever weirdness you create in their lives. I hope that they can deal with it with humor and with love.

God, I miss my parents.

The Library Lady

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