Friday, August 14, 2015

Screaming Here

Normally, I would rant about this on Facebook. But the person involved is a long time co-worker and friend.

Dear Circulation Manager,
I love you, you know that.  But I had REASONS, GOOD REASONS for not wanting the rest of the picture book section books removed until tomorrow:

1)My assistant was here and we would have done it.

2)Half the section is closed already because the painters moved the shelves. Now we have tons of empty metal shelving, and the nannies will try to hang out here anyway today.

3)I  don't know if you've put the books out of nanny/parent/child reach. I haven't looked, being too busy with cleaning out the mess upstairs in my storage. But if you didn't, they will be everywhere, just as they are because you had the guys move the YAs over to the series area, and allowed them to mash up all the series stuff in no discernible order, which is driving me nuts in itself.

4)This and above all this:

It's my section.
It was MY call.

I really didn't need this on top of everything else. I have had 8 weeks of summer reading hell, working my ass off. I have 15 years of stuff to sort upstairs, and I've been trying to do it while all the regular stuff continued.

I had planned out how to do my work. It's my department. I knew what I was doing. It's not your call.
You should have respected that. But as always, ignored this and did what you wanted to do, certain that your way was the right way. And that's probably what ticks me most of all.

I know you've been here for decades. But it's NOT your library. If you'd gotten that you might have gotten a reference job upstairs. Instead you're downstairs, bitter and burned out and needing badly to retire.

I hated writing this. But I'm pissed at you and it's all I can do.
And I am so, so tired.

Yours truly,

The Very, Very Tired Library Lady

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