Friday, September 11, 2015

Dear Boss--And Your Boss

I have no idea what will be in my annual review Monday.

Perhaps you will have comments that I have challenged assignments. True, but I may argue about them initially, but I always find a way to do them--and do them well.

Perhaps I will get the "almost always courteous when dealing with the public," because some of our patrons are absolute asshats who Mother Teresa herself couldn't have made happy. And considering that for everyone else I go far, far out of my way to be helpful and friendly, I think it sucks when I get marked this way.

I'm fully expecting that there are going to be goals from the library's vaunted "five year plan," that are going to be ridiculous and unreasonable, but I will do my best to achieve them.

But know this:

I have worked my ASS off this year. I have probably worked harder this year than any in the past decade:

1)When the reference manager had a bad incident with a patron and quit, I took on doing 10 hours or more of my 40 hours here up there on the ref desk, all the while juggling endless programs. This really cut into my planning time downstairs, but I figured out ways to do it, and didn't cut my programming--I even managed all the special themed stuff requested of me, AND added a special New Year's Eve event.

2)I got blessed--and mostly I do mean blessed--with an assistant, and  had to take on supervising her and adjusting the work accordingly. And I did a good job of it.

3)You wanted higher circulation?  I bought the sort of crap I've avoided buying for years and raised our circulation considerably.

4)Summer reading? I over packed the schedule with endless special events, did my regular programming on top of that, and had probably the biggest attendance rates ever. We signed up more kids here for the reading program than the other 2 small branches combined, and helped push the system way over the planned sign up goal.

5)I did yoga training so I can offer something new and special--and did the follow up work so I can try to be certified as a baby/toddler yoga teacher.

6)I've dealt with endless minor crises, been the call person for the security system--like last night when I had to come all the way back here after I'd already been home for a half hour, and done my damndest to keep up the rest of the staff's morale any way I can.

7)And when you told us they were renovating and we had to pack up all our stuff I cleared out my storage, packed everything in the office, and got things done, all the while STILL dealing with my summer programs.

I've ranted and kvetched, but I've always done it in a constructive way, and I've always tried to be a team player.

So I am going to take whatever review you give me with a very large grain of salt if necessary, and know that I did a job I can be proud of this year.

The Library Lady

P.S. And how about the proposal I worked on for switching our picture books to new shelving, that included two out of state trips and a long, carefully written proposal?  Still waiting on that one.

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