Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Needing A Miracle

Perhaps seeing my NY Mets so close to the World Series is the only one I'll get right now, but I need another one.

I have money in the bank from Mom and Dad. I have more money in a fund that will get split with my brother--and we could do so now. It's enough to pay off our townhouse and more.Our credit is sterling.

I've found a possible house. Not in our current neighborhood, but still in town. I haven't been to see it, but it's got a backyard that would reconcile us for the loss of our current view, wouldn't need much more than simple things like some new paint, and would give us enough room.

We can get a VA loan. We paid off the one that bought the condo long ago. The Man is eligible for another.

But the reasons that we need more room--chiefly the Man's things--mean we can't think of renting the condo out before we move out ourselves. It needs some work too--we've got a bedroom floor issue and the bathroom needs finishing, among other things.

And we may not be able to get the loan unless the condo fees and taxes are covered.

We have enough money to do so. I could set up accounts for both condo fees and taxes and put enough money in each to cover a year's payments, and still have the other needed funds.

If they'll let us do so, we might be able to do this.

If not, I truly am trapped where we are. And much as I love it, it will feel like a trap.

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