Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Dear Parent: The World Isn't Set Up For Your Child and Your Child Alone

Dear Parent,

I am sorry that your child was scared of the puppet she saw in my bag this morning. I did my best to hide it out of sight. I'm sorry if that wasn't enough and you had to leave.

But no, I was not going to get up and move all my stuff outside the room and have to go and bring it back in later when it was time for that story.  Why the hell should I have to disrupt a group of small children who get distracted easily to begin with because you didn't want to take your child out and calm her down, and then perhaps bring her back in?

You're a nice parent, you mean well, but more and more I see that you are suffering from the notion that your child is the only child on Earth with needs. News flash: I had 18 other kids and their families in the room, and they have needs too.

Your child is becoming a brat and it's not her fault, it's yours.  And I'm sure I'm not the only person noticing this.

She's entitled to be afraid of the puppet and to have you deal with her fear. She is NOT entitled to spoil other people's good time.

The Library Lady

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