Thursday, May 12, 2016

Staff Day

Tomorrow is "Staff Development Day," and I am going to hate most of it. Especially the very last hour, which is the "Staff Awards," part. Because no matter what I do these days, no matter what I have DONE, I will never get acknowledged.

 No, it is likely to be the irritatingly chirpy voiced Elf with the dyed red/one white streak, who is 2 levels above me as the "Youth Services" manager of our Central library (or one of her minions) who will get an award if any children's people do.

I've been rejected as a troublemaker because I dare to question the wisdom of "consistency" in our programming, since our central branch has 6-8 staffers, the rest of us have 1 or 2, and all our neighborhoods have vastly different needs. My hard work on a proposal for improving our picture book shelving was rejected because of my being the problem child, I think.

I've proposed the "Thousand Books Before Kindergarten" program for several years. I've had done it on my own if I'd been allowed, but NOOOOO! We have to be consistent.
Now supposedly we are doing it this fall. And I will get no credit.

I have probably the equivalent in years of doing this work as all 3 of the other "Youth Service Managers" combined.
(I suspect that I have shoes older than Elf. Certainly I was a parent while she was still probably in high school.)

My hard work,  my caring, has been consistently met with a metaphorical slap in the face.

So I will go and see old friends tomorrow. I will endure stupid, useless speakers with stuff irrelevant to what we do here.

I will remind myself that 4 years ago on Staff Day I was in NYC, enduring a day of emergency room hell with my father, that makes Staff Day look positively enticing.

And I will sit through the blasted Staff Day awards.
And be glad till it's over till next year.

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