Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Time For Some Good Old Fashioned Ranting

1) I have an acquaintance from a list serv and Facebook who put up a post about a beautiful craft item. Somehow people are mistaking her for the artist and she is being snowed under by comments, emails, etc, by random strangers. So why the f*ck doesn't she either remove the post or make her Facebook feed a lot more private?

2)I am tired beyond tired of people who come to my programs with their baby/toddler/young preschoolers for years, then disappear from sight until they suddenly have a new, younger sibling to bring. If you can manage to parallel park the SUV around here to come to Mother Goose Time, surely you can manage to do the same to come in and borrow some books. It's really insulting to me--here I am encouraging you to read, read, read with your kids and you're using me as free entertainment and no more.

3) And while we're at it, do you really go to that other branch--the one with the parking lot--and not notice that their books are in absolutely crappy condition, or is it just that you figure you're better off borrowing crappy books since their staff doesn't seem to notice if your kids damage them?
(Said branch has double my book budget by the way. I simply don't get what they do with that money, as their books always look like the dog's dinner, and they never seem to replace damaged books with fresh copies.)

4)If your house is worth $730,000, and you paid $150K for it 20 years ago, why are you asking $849K for it now?  If you sold it for a fair price, I'd be in there making an offer.

And with that, I return you to your regularly scheduled programming.....................

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