Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dear Passport Patron:

Background Note: My library is now serving as a passport application agency. We get $25 per passport processed, so it's a good deal, but it makes me nervous. Following the rules step by step is not my forte (!) and this is a government document, fiddly to the nth degree.
(If you apply for a passport, make sure that you count to make sure your agent only puts 6 staples on your form, 7 if you're sending in an old passport. It's required to be that way and no other! Really!)

Dear Passport Patron,
You have a nice family, and I was fine with your little boy getting restless, because I get kids. And I appreciated your family's patience. I'm new at this, and you have a few minor issues I had to check to make sure the rules worked correctly.

And I know you thought it was amusing to ask if you should make out the check to the "Clinton Foundation" rather than the State Department. But, because I am a public servant who is used to dealing with asshats from Oklahoma and other podunk places, I just smiled, instead of telling you better them than the Trump Foundation. Because at least with the Clinton Foundation the money would go to the people it was supposed to help instead of the guy running the foundation.

Have a nice trip to France.

The Library Lady
(Who would like you to know that even if you and your wife both vote for that foul man, there are three votes for Hillary in MY house, because MY daughter has been brought up to be an intelligent, thoughtful, educated human being, and there would be 4 votes is JR wasn't only 17 this year!)

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