Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dear Prospective Employees

If you are applying for the assistant position in my department, please be aware of the following:

This is not an "I just got my degree and I need a job," sort of job. It is not a "well, I really love to read, and I need a job," sort of job.

It is basically a frickin' paraprofessional librarian job. And if you don't know what that means, look it up!

And that's part of the problem. No one we've interviewed has bothered to do their homework.

You don't know what librarians do. You don't know what CHILDREN'S librarians do.

And you haven't bothered to research it!

For cripe's sake, there are a zillion sources out there on the Internet, everything from "Storytime Underground" on Facebook and elsewhere, to endless blogs about children's librarians (I have one myself, you know), to library websites where they have information about their activities.

Including this library system!

You're not educated or up to date about children's literature. Most of you don't seem to know GoodReads or Library Thing,  or even lists on, much less School Library Journal or Hornbook.

The American Library Association has a site for children's work packed with stuff about zero to 5 education, book awards and more, but you're coming in and telling us you get YOUR recommendations and keep up to date via articles on Facebook!  Or from your friends who write books.

And even those of you who have taken early childhood courses, or have kids yourself don't seem to get anything about young children. Lady, the reason your twins throw food when you read them crappy Jane Austen parodies of  "Goodnight Moon," is that they may appeal to you and your twee friends who think "Baby Lit" books are great, but they DON'T APPEAL TO YOUR KIDS!

Good luck to all of you. You are nice people, and I hope you find good jobs.

The Library Lady
Still looking for a new assistant.

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