Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipsing the Eclipse.

Note, for anyone reading this. I haven't posted here in a long time for many reasons, and I have no idea when I will post again. But I want to remember this day here.

I watched the eclipse in a park by the Potomac River, across from where the hate monger is squatting.

There were white people,and African Americans and Latinos. Young and old.

We ran out of glasses to give away (we'd saved 50 pairs for today from the ones NASA sent us), but we kept back 4 pairs and went around sharing them with people, letting them glimpse the eclipse.

Everyone shared. Everyone said 'thank you" to us. People shared their pinhole cameras and personal eclipse glasses with strangers. There were smiles and laughter everywhere.

The sky held till 2:42, when as close to totality as we would get (80%) was achieved, and the moon had a small, fiery orange crown. Shortly after, the clouds closed in, and people headed out of the park.

The eclipse was a marvel. But what I cherished was that small group of humanity, all sharing the wonder of our planet.

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